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30 Day Royal Challenge: Day 1 - Post a picture of your favorite royal residence

First day and already such a tough choice…. There are so many wonderful residences but I decided to pick a german residence so that it would be easier.

I love love love castles - strangly enough I’ve only been to a handful. To this residence I’ve actually been more than once so I present you:

Schloss Herrenchiemse (New Castle)

Herrenchiemsee is a complex of various royal buildings, all situated on the Herreninsel, an island in the Chiemsee (which is a lake in southern Bavaria). Herrenchiemsee is probably the most famous as well as largest castle of King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

He acquired the island in 1873 and built his castle which closely resembles that of King Louix XIV of France (Versailles). The actual construction of the castle began only in 1878 - pity, because King Ludwig II died in 1886 and never got to see his castle as a whole.

The more famous parts of the castle are the State Stairecase and the Great Hall of Mirrors, both of which are pictured above.

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