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30 Day Royal Challenge - Day 4: Post a picture of your favorite royal by birth and by marriage

Since Victoria already got her mention, my favourite royal by birth is Prince Harry. He screws up but his many wonderful qualities weigh it up. I really love how he’s invested in all of his charities and how he makes people comfortable. He has a way of approaching and talking to people that is heartwarming and reminds me of his mother.

My favourite royal by marriage is Queen Maxima (first time I wrote that without having to think about it ;) ). Her laugh. Honestly, that’s when she won me over back when she and Willem-Alexander got married. She too has a way of touching people, she seems to have an amazing character and to be a fun person. She, like Zara, owns her outfits and always amazes me again with her choice of clothing. She had to give up a lot to be with the person she loves, she learned a new language and now represents her country undoubtly well. She’s very invested in her charities and uses her knowledge from her studies/work as an embassador for the United Nations. Oh and she had triple A ;) What more would you want?

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